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Trust…and The Certified Public Accountant:

Often times one is forced to recognize Trust.  Especially, whenever one is presented the Financial Statements or Tax Return of a Company, and the question still remains, are the numbers any good?  The fact is, Trust is critical to readers of the reports.  Trust cannot be defined.  It is either present or not.  It is something that lives within an organization.  We at Liberty Creek Financial Services have put forth a conscientious effort to place Trust within the Core Requirements of us being a Certified Public Accountant.

Trust may best be defined as follows:

  • Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something: relations have to be built on trust. They have been able to win the trust of the others.
  • Acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation.
  • The state of being responsible for someone or something: a man in a position of trust.
  • Literary a person or duty for which one has responsibility.

One can clearly see the relationship between Trust and the Certified Public Accountant.  All of these as noted are extremely valuable to the Certified Public Accountant.   This is from much earlier in life, when you will see these patterns beginning to emerge.  Then later to become the daily habits of the individual.  This is the Certified Public Accountant way of life.