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Business Consulting

Comptrollers Services

This service may be performed by traveling to your offices on a regular or as needed basis to perform routine accounting functions of your company. These service will include:

  • Supervision of Administrative Staff in Performing Daily Accounting Tasks
  • Preparation of monthly financial Statements
  • Preparation of Management Reports
  • Preparation of Payroll Functions
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliations
  • Management of Accounts Receivables
  • Management of Account Payable Functions and Payment of Invoices
  • Management of Inventory
  • Management of Internal Controls
  • Consultation regarding the Management of the Assets of Your Company

Budgets and Financial Forecasting

Are you faced with a decision to purchase a significant asset. A forecast, projection or budget may be the best tool to accomplish the tasks. We at LCFS will be your “Trusted Advisor” to have the proper tools in place whenever you are faced with a decision.

Entity Selection

Businesses can operate in a number of different entity forms. Each form of operation has it unique income tax implications. The entity best suited for your operations, which continues throughout the life of the business, and changes as the needs of owners change. Because each business and client are different LCFS will work or help the client to always be in form of entity which best meets their goals and objectives.

Business Plans

A well thought out business plan is essential to everyone who is determined to succeed. It may be on a napkin or a well-documented Business Plan. LCFS will help you with developing and documenting your Business Plan and the related projections for internal planning, raising capital, and as a part of the loan application process.

Strategic & Succession Planning

The way that you transfer ownership, sell an established business, close down a business, or purchase a business. They all have a significant impact on your taxes and you pocketbook.

Being able to successfully pass a business to another family member or trusted employee is extremely difficult. Many times, the success of this transition/succession is critical to meeting the client’s retirement or estate planning goals. In this area of service, LCFS will assist you in planning this process so it will be properly and effectively transitioned through identification and training of the right successor.